How to convert your Kindle clippings, highlights and notes ?

You have many highlights and notes on your kindle and don't know how to extract them so you can save or work on them ? Bellow are the steps you should follow to do that:

  • Plug your Kindle on your computeur with an USB connector
  • From your computeur browse your Kindle. You will find the "MyClippings.txt" file ine the "documents" folder
  • Drag and drop the myclippings.txt file on the box at the top of this website
  • Click the "convert to csv" button. A download should start
  • Now you have all your clippings converted in a csv file. You can open it on Excel or Google Sheet to edit it as you want

How to export your Kindle clippings, highlights and notes online ?

Once you have converted your myclippings.txt file to csv format it’s pretty easy to view or edit your kindle highlights and notes.

Viewing and Editing your Kindle Highlights and Notes online on Google Sheet

  • Import the converted csv file on Google Sheet by clicking on File > Import > Upload
  • Drag and drop your file
  • Now you can filter, sort and edit each column as you want
  • The best with this is that you can access your notes from everywhere on any devices

Any comments on this tool ?

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